King Charles Leon the 1st

(commonly known as Chuck)

Chuck the kitty

King Charles Leon the 1st (Chuck for short) is a 10 year old, 17lb, Maine Coon cat. His family had their second child and is moving to a house that is close to a park which is known to have coyotes. They would like to find a home that can provide him with the love and care he needs.

This is what his family had to say about him:


Chuck just got his annual check up and is all up to date on shots and in good health.


He gets along with dogs once he gets used to them, however he doesn’t get along with other cats. He’s good with kids, he will let babies and toddlers pet him, and if they are too rough, he will remove himself from the situation.

He has been an indoor cat most of his life, but loves to go out. I have leash trained him so walks around the back yard or the neighborhood are fun.


He is a big fan of food, and likes to ask for dinner, even at 2 pm.  He has a good motor gives good at cuddles. 

We love him very much and he’s a sweet kitty, but since we had our second kid he doesn’t get the attention he needs. It breaks our hearts to admit it, but we think he will be happier with someone who can give him more attention.

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Seattle, WA 98103

(206) 632-4567